The Arkansas Society of Respiratory Care was established in 1962. Today there are over 500 members who have discovered the benefit of the professional society. The Arkansas Society of Respiratory Care is a chartered affiliate of the American Association for Respiratory Care.

John Lindsey, M.Ed., RRT-NPS, FAARC is running for “Director at Large” for the AARC.

Over the past 30 years John has been a key part of improving Respiratory Therapy in Arkansas and throughout the country.  John has served as ASRC President, ASRC Vice President and ASRC Delegate.  John is the reason we have such a great “State Meeting”.  His dedication and commitment is visible every fall when you see the great program he has put together. 

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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences- Respiratory & Surgical technologies 2015

Nominate a deserving Respiratory Therapist for "Clinical Practitioner of the Year"!

The Clinical Practitioner of the Year Award is presented to an individual who has enhanced the image of the Respiratory Care profession and has contributed to quality patient care through his or her role in the Clinical Setting of Respiratory Care.  Each "District" will have a "District Practitioner of the Year" award recipient.

Award Eligibility Criteria:

*     Candidates must be an active member of the ASRC.
*     Candidates must have demonstrated activities beneficial to the
       profession in the current year to be considered for this award.
*     Candidates must have consistently demonstrated clinical
*     The candidate must be nominated by an active Respiratory
*     The candidate must be an active employee working in a clinical
       setting (Hospital, Durable Medical Equipment, Clinic, etc.) (part time or full time).

Please download PDF Nomination Form in Adobe Reader or Acrobat, save it and submit to: David.Gibson@Salinememorial.org

Scenes from the South District Respiratory Conference

2015 Election Results:

President Elect – Jennifer Parr
Vice President – David Jordan
Secretary – Jeff Copeland
Treasurer – Janelle Smith
Central District  Vice Chair – Nicole Drewry
Northeast District Chair – Jessica Alphin
Northeast District Vice Chair – Chris Riggs
Northwest District Vice Chair – Janie Castro-Rio
South District Vice Chair – Mark Meyers


The ASRC mission is to provide effective leadership that promotes the Respiratory Care Profession and its skilled practitioners as leaders in the field of pulmonary medicine through patient, community and healthcare provider education.